Sunday, 10 March 2019


Room 2 loves the Gymnastics sessions provided by Sport Auckland every Friday. We enjoy using the equipment to help us exercise our bodies and are gaining in confidence every week.
Check out our cheeky smiles below!

It's a balancing act!

Climbing up to ....

                                                               ...blast off!

Friday, 8 March 2019

Story time!

This week, Room 2 were lucky enough to have some stories read to them by Room 10. We really enjoyed listening to the different stories. We hope that some of the children in Room 10 will come and read to us again very soon! Well done Benson, Dau, Piripi, Olivia and Edwina - it's not easy reading out loud to an audience, especially a wriggly Room 2!

Benson read a story called The Gardeners Maze.

They loved Dau's story - It's my bread!

 The girls read longer stories which Room 2 really enjoyed!
Piripi reads a story to Room 2. 

Thank you Room 10! We loved you reading to us. Please come again soon!

Friday, 1 March 2019

Rippa Rugby

Room 2 really enjoyed learning some rippa rugby skills this week. We loved playing the team games. We had to run with the rugby ball, weave in and out of the cones and throw and catch. It was so much fun. Thanks you Mr du Toit for organising the coaches - we had a great introduction to Rippa Rugby!

Thursday, 31 January 2019

First day back - Term 1 2019

Term 1, Day 1 2019 - Welcome back to Glen Innes School! As a special treat Mr Hendricks had arranged a bouncy castle for the first day back in 2019. Room 2 simply loved the castle - they could have kept jumping all day long! Waiting for our turn on the castle was the hardest thing.

Welcome back to Glen Innes School 2019

Here are the girls waiting for their turn ...

and the boys waiting for their turn.

Wow! Look how high Jasmine can jump!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Lego Brickman

We all had a fantastic day at the Brickman show at the Auckland Museum. There was such a lot to see and soooo much Lego to build with. Room 2 really didn't want to leave!
We looked at landmarks from all over the world and got stuck into building.

It was great to see the children so engaged. They just wanted to keep on building!

Have a look at some of the base plates that we made.



Viliami and his smiley face!

We thought our base plates looked cool! What do you think?

There wasn't just Lego there! Room 2 also loved playing with the wheels.

What a magical day out for all of the Junior School and the extra invited guests. 

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Cars of the Future?

On Friday afternoon, two senior students were driven home in a very special 'electric' car. An electric car does not need petrol or diesel to make it go, you just plug it in and charge it up!  The girls earnt their special prize by winning the senior writing competition, which is open to all the students in Room 6 and 7. Everyone came out to watch them being driven off and to have a close up look at the special car!

Check out the full range of Tesla cars here. Electric Cars - NZ models

Could these be the cars that Room 2 will be driving in the future?

'Tree Fellas' come to school

On Friday morning,  Room 1 and Room 2 went over to the senior playground to look at the two men from 'Tree Fellas' working on the willow trees. The men were cutting big branches off the trees to make them safe. They used chainsaws to help them cut off the branches and had a big chipper truck that they fed the smaller branches into.  

It was very noisy so we had to cover our ears!

Into the chipper goes the big branch!
Look at the branch getting smaller ...

... and smaller.

The men had special equipment to help them stay safe, including a hard hat and ear defenders. 
They used chainsaws and wore special protective clothing. 

One of the men used ropes to help him climb the tree so he was able to trim back the branches.
 He very kindly turned himself upside down which really impressed Room 1 and 2!